Treehouse Invitational (3rd June 2017)

Treehouse Invitational (3rd June 2017)

Treehouse Invitational (3rd June 2017) – The Gallery

Treehouse Invitational (3rd June 2017) – The After Party Gallery

Treehouse Invitational (3rd June 2017) – The Report

Special thanks to Treehouse Bar & Grill (main sponsor), Xihu Sports Park (the venue), Murray’s Irish Bar (Friday BBQ) and HubHao (ball and Snookball provider).


Football is a time-consuming affair full of annoyance and irritations for some organisers. However, for others it may prove a welcome distraction to everyday life and a chance to vent their artistic talents. One such man, Aaron Lowe, from Preston in England set about creating a vibrant tournament. Inspired by Xiamen’s annual 7-a-side tournament on beautiful Gulangyu Island, Mr Lowe selected Xihu in Nancheng, a skimming-stone’s throw from Dongguan Botanical Gardens. With that he teamed up with Treehouse, as lead sponsor. Added into a donation of footballs and a combined Canadian and Dongguan University of Technology students refereeing team and away the tournament went.


Each team played three group stage games before the knockout quarter finals, semi-finals and an early evening final. Results were mostly close and fixtures tightly matched at a level befitting an invitational tournament. Considering the blistering heat and stormy forecast, numerous players enjoyed cool beverages and paddling pools with water on stand-by. Solly, from Complete Fitness, was called upon for both his first aid skills and massage hands throughout the day.


Teams from neighbouring cities utilised hotel to pitch buses, assistance with directions and all arrived to blistering heat. Two group stages eliminated relieved teams that had battled the blistered high thirty degrees and humidity, in intense sunlight. As Highlander said, there can be only one winner. Latin’s F.C., a team based in Guangzhou (with a few Dongguan-based players) lifted the trophy at a ceremony filled with pomp and glory late in the evening, at The Treehouse. In the evening, there was swimming in the bar pool, but during the day there was swimming on the field, albeit that of body sweat clinging to soggy shorts and shirts.


The trophy was a beautifully-crafted piece, arty as hell, and one of a kind. With cups like this available, it won’t be long before Manchester City buy entrance to the tournament. A follow-up tournament is now in the mix for Autumn, with Aaron Lowe organising proceedings. He can be contacted on WeChat via the user: loweaaron55.


The tournament’s aim was to raise money for Murray’s F.C. and that it did, with a fabulous barbecue option throughout the day set to summery tunes played by DJ Hamzafari. Teams that entered included Dongcheng Murray’s FC (Dongguan); Houjie Murray’s FC (Dongguan); Latin FC (Guangzhou); Foshan Utd (Foshan); Day & Night FC (Changping, Dongguan); FISC (Zhuhai); Connelly’s FC (Zhuhai); Phoenix City (Guangzhou).

Treehouse Invitational (3rd June 2017) – The Posters

Treehouse Invitational (3rd June 2017) –  Teams

team logos

Dongcheng Murray’s FC (Dongguan); Houjie Murray’s FC (Dongguan); Latin FC (Guangzhou); Foshan Utd (Foshan); Day & Night FC (Changping, Dongguan); FISC (Zhuhai); Connelly’s FC (Zhuhai); Phoenix City (Guangzhou).

Treehouse Invitational (3rd June 2017) – The Schedule

Friday 2nd June

8:30pm – Murray’s Irish Bar BBQ (¥50 all you can eat)

Saturday 3rd June

9am-5:30pm – Tournament

8pm – late – Treehouse afterparty (bring your bikini)

Treehouse Invitational (3rd June 2017) – The Rules

To make this easy for all teams and officials we will be simplifying the rules.  This leads to less arguing and in turn less anger towards the officials who are there to just make sure we can host this tournament and to make sure we all have fun.

  1. Substitutions will be rolling. You can make a substitution on any dead ball as long as you notify the referee.
  2. Size 5 footballs will be used.
  3. The game format is 7-a-side, including the goalkeeper.
  4. No slide challenges, all tacklers must be on their feet.
  5. Offside will be in effect for all games. Linesmen will be provided.
  6. All fouls will be direct free kicks. This is to avoid any confusion at all and this is the same across the board, so each team knows this and is aware.  This includes: Handballs, Dangerous Tackles, Dangerous Kicks and any fouls inside the box are direct as well.  Meaning a PK will be awarded.
  7. Any negative language toward an official will not be tolerated and will be immediately met with a yellow card. The only players that should be talking to the official are the captains of each team.
  8. Throw-ins are taken with the hands and follow the traditional method of application.
  9. Games will be 30 minutes in length, consisting of 2X15 minute halves with a 1 minute half time in between.
  10. Provided we have 8 teams registered, the format will be 2 groups of 4, with the top 2 teams of each group advancing to play a “gold cup” semi final crossover . EG: Winner of A plays Runner Up of B. The bottom two teams of each group will do the same but in a “silver cup” format.
  11. If the Semi final game ends in a draw in regular time, it will be followed immediately with a penalty shootout, 5 Penalty Kicks per team to decide the winner.
  12. If a player receives 3 yellow cards throughout the tournament for any reason, that player will sit the following game after receiving the third yellow card.
  13. If a player receives a red card, it will be at the discretion of the head referee as to how many games that player will miss.
  14. Aggressive or criminal behavior will not be tolerated. Any player or none player found guilty of aggressive behavior either verbal or physical will be forced to leave the tournament grounds immediately. If they refuse the police will be called.


Let’s remember that the point of this tournament is to have fun, everyone should respect each other and every person on the pitch, officials and players alike.  If there are any issues or problems, please contact one of the organizers or head referee to discuss a solution. Thank you.

Upcoming Fixtures.

To be announced.

Treehouse Invitational (3rd June 2017) – Contact the Organiser



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