CBA: Yao Ming – Elected in DG

CBA: Yao Ming – Elected in DG

Chinese_Basketball_AssociationYao_Ming_with_the_Chinese_flag_2008_Summer_Olympics_-_Opening_Ceremony[21st July 2017] According to Xinhua, Yao Ming [姚明] has been elected Chairman of the board within the Chinese Basketball Management Centre – the parent company who manage the Chinese Basketball Association [中国男子篮球职业联赛; Zhōngguó Nánzǐ Lánqiú Zhíyè Liánsài]. Team officials from the 20-strong C.B.A. met in Dongguan on Wednesday and Thursday for a shareholders meeting. Yao Ming fills the post following Director Li Jinsheng’s decision to quit the board. The nomination was unanimously voted for. Shi Nengkeng (Fujian Xunxing) and Hou Wei, (Xinjiang Guanghu) were also elected into the board of directors.


2.29 metre (7 ft 6 in) Yao Ming was also voted in as the 6th President of the Chinese Basketball Association on February  the 23rd, this year. From 2002 to 2011, he featured for N.B.A. side Houston Records. His record was excellent there, earning . His squad number of 11 was retired on February 2nd, 2017. He really is regarded in high esteem there, haing made the N.B.A. basketball hall of fame in 2016. Eight appearances in the NBA All-Star (2003–2009, 2011) are just a handful of his many basketball honours bestowed to N.B.A.’s 4th tallest star ever. Yao Ming is married to his first girlfriend Yè Lì (叶莉), also a former professional basketball player.


National_Basketball_Association_logo.svgThe C.B.A. as it is often referred to, is China’s premier basketball league. Historically, a handful of players have featured overseas in U.S.A. and Canada’s N.B.A. Several former N.B.A. All-Stars have played in C.B.A. These include Stephon Marbury, Tracy McGrady, Gilbert Arenas, Steve Francis and Metta World Peace. Inclusions of players, deeply experienced in N.B.A. has raised the profile of the game and exposed domestic stars to international talent and opened doors to varied training practices.


The C.B.A. is regarded of a high standard but bridges apart from the American leagues. During the meeting, the C.B.A. announced, as of the 2017/18 season, a C.B.A. Youth League will run alongside the main league. This is hoped to boost the growth of Chinese playing talent. Shareholders, Juren Advertising Center, relinquished 30% ownership of the C.B.A. Each C.B.A. club had previously had a 3.5% share of the league. Each of the 20 clubs now holds 5% ownership.


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Guangdong_Southern_TigersGuangdong Hongyuan Southern Tigers [广东宏远华南虎; Guǎngdōng Hóngyuǎn Huánánhǔ] player, Yì Jiànlián (易建联) has had several spells in N.B.A. playing for teams such as Milwaukee Bucks and Washington Wizards. Born in Heshan (鹤山), he stands 2.13 metres (7 foot) tall! 


Founded in 1993, the Guangdong team can also be found under many other monikers. Guangdong Dongguan Bank, is the official title. By 2017, the team has won eight titles, just like Bayi Rockets. Since 1995, they have qualified for the C.B.A. play-offs every season. No other team can match this fact. Title winning seasons for Guangdong Dongguan Bank are as follows: 2003/04 followed by the following two seasons; 2007/08 and the following three seasons; and their last title in 2012/13. In 2016/17 the Guangdong Tigers finished runners-up to Xinjiang Flying Tigers. This was their fifth season as runners-up, since forming.


2017_National_Games_of_ChinaThe team’s home venue is the Dongguan Basketball Centre (holds 14,730 seats). Sometimes, games can be found across the province in places like Zhuhai and Zhongshan, in order to market themselves more readily. There are three reserve team and youth teams, operated by the club, in partnership with the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau. Team 3B are based in Dongguan. Team 2 and Team 3A can be found in Guangzhou.

800px-AllChinaGamesFlag.svgThe main team has represented Guangdong, winning gold, at the 2009 All China Games [中华人民共和国全国运动会; Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó Quánguó Yùndònghuì]. This event, held every four years, was held in Guangzhou in 1987 and 2001. The 13th games will be held at Tianjin this September.


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Previously, another team could be found in Dongguan, but have since moved south to Shenzhen. Shenzhen New Century Leopards [深圳新世纪烈豹; Shēnzhèn Xīnshìjì Lièbào] moved at the behest of their corporate sponsor New Century in 2015. They formed in Dongguan twelve seasons before their move. Around the province, teams such as Guangzhou Long-Lions [广州龙狮] have become local rivals to Guangdong Tigers. Guangdong, as a province, have a team in the independently ran Chinese University Basketball Association (C.U.B.A.). Dongguan Park Lane (东莞柏宁) are a former National Basketball League [ 全国男子篮球联赛; Quánguó Nánzǐ Lánqiú Liánsài] team.


In the Women’s Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA), the team to look out for is Guangdong Dolphins (广东马可波罗海豚).

[November 17th, 2015] It’s that time of year again. The CBA is back. Cindy Altamirano met the players and coaches of the Guangdong Tigers, spoke with some die-hard fans, as well looking at the history of the league.


The off-season has wrapped up and the 20 CBA teams have got their hardwood basketball courts ready to go head-to-head this year, where they will each meet once through the rigorous and fast paced regular season of 38 games.

Outside of the United States, China is the largest basketball market. The CBA, a state owned league, was founded in 1995 and settled on its current format just last year, making rule changes on adding more teams and the use of foreign players. Once a league composed of the People’s Republic of China military and air force, it now has expanded into teams from all over the country from big cities like Beijing to far smaller places like Foshan. The CBA’s intentions continue to be focused on expansion of the league, creating a stronger talent pool for national players and expanding into a longer season with more games like their big brother, the American NBA.

Our very own Dongguan, also known as the “National Basketball City”, is home to the eight time CBA Champions, the Guangdong Southern Tigers. Since the 2003-04 season the Tigers have made it to every CBA Finals, making 19 playoff appearances, and winning all but three championships in the last twelve seasons up until the Beijing Ducks seized the title in the 2013-14 Finals and held possession ever since.

The Tigers and Ducks both tend to face off with an impressive roster in the postseason. Beijing tends to look for foreign players that will compliment the style of offense of the team and coach Min Lulei’s playbook. Guangdong’s tactical style uses high-leveled intensity offense and defense while being home to some of the most legendary players and coaches in CBA history.

Yi has played in the NBA and is commonly referred to as the “Lebron James” of the CBA.

The Tigers’ domestic line-up is formed of three generations; younger, middle, and veteran players. Some of their most recognized players and starters have made their way through the ranks themselves and are superstars in their own right. Players such as Yi Jianlian, Wang ShiPeng and Zhu Fang Yu. Yi has played in the NBA and is commonly referred to as the “Lebron James” of the CBA. Sharp shooter Wang is rumored to be one of the best 3-point shooters internationally along with CBA all time leading scorer Zhu, together they’ve collected 8 championships with the Tigers. But these three big names are not the only ammunition in the Tiger’s arsenal. It’s important to note that close to half of their current roster is boasting with former or current Chinese National Team players. This year Yi Jianlian and forward Zhu Peng helped the National Team tear through their FIBA bracket to earn entrance into the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Guangdong fans hold the team to high expectations come game time and not just from players but the celebrity coaches as well. Orchestrating the team’s on court show is the soul and former captain of the team, Head Coach Du Feng. Du took the head coach position during the 2013 playoffs after an illustrious fourteen year basketball career. The former power forward pulled down seven CBA championships over the course and served the Chinese National Team playing in the Olympics in Athens and Beijing. Coach Du is also recognized as one of the best all around big men in the CBA.

Du Feng’s right hand man this season is none other than the longest running international coach in the CBA, American Consultant Coach Brian Goorjian. Coach Goorjian carries over thirty years of coaching experience. In his six-year stint with the former Dongguan Leopards he took the team to the playoffs in every season of his reign and led the Leopards Youth team to win Championship of the Chinese National Youth League in 2009. Considered to be the most successful coach in Australian basketball history, Goorjian has won six NBL (The Australian National Basketball League) championships and coached the Australian National team for several years.

Before parting ways with the Dongguan Leopards last season, Coach Brian took them to game four of the quarterfinals against the Guangdong Southern Tigers where the Tigers came out victorious. This game happened to be Goorjian’s last game as Head Coach and the team’s last as the Dongguan Leopards. Next season the team will be based from Shenzhen.

The Tigers continued in the playoffs with their best record latched on, standing atop with 26 regular season games won in a row. They faced their biggest rival, the Beijing Ducks in game two of the 2015 CBA semi-finals. Both teams had their top guys getting buckets in the showdown. Beijing’s foreign duo Stephon Marbury and Randolph Morris had a tremendous floor game dominating the paint and getting to the rim. Unable to get into the flow after Will Bynum’s injury, the game cost the Southern Tigers a chance at reclaiming the championship title.

I sat down with Head Coach Du Feng of the Tigers to get the inside on what’s to come this season and learn about their process in building the team. This year it’s all about the right players on the court that will rise in the postseason. Creating the proper roster has been far from easy. This season they look to give domestic young players more minutes and have looked for imports that will compliment the team’s style of play on and off the court. As far as the off-season, well there really hasn’t been one, as all the coaches work with the players to prepare them in taking on the organization’s one and only goal of winning the CBA Championship.

This off-season’s main priority has been in whipping the players into overall better shape. Their newly acquired American Strength and Conditioning coach, Zeshaun Mirza has been grinding side by side with Coach Goorjian to make these guys stronger basketball players.

The Guangdong Southern Tigers coaches agree that there’s been huge challenges this year and of course has faced difficulties along the way in putting together what hopefully is a phenomenal roster.

The pressure to reform that once superstar team and bring back the title to Dongguan is applied through various angles. The thing is their current roster consists of aging veteran players passing on the torch to the younger generation. This is why acquiring the right imports is crucial. On a regular off-season summer, the Tigers are training twice a day, playing friendly matches, and scrimmaging against other CBA or international teams in tournaments. Training consists of weight lifting, aquatic workouts, ball handling drills, and running through plays keeping the daily goal of constant improvement in mind.

The players condition intensively from May through September in order to prepare for the CBA Strength and Conditioning Test, which consist of the following four: bench press, squats, endurance, and a shooting intensity drill. Passing all four tests is a pre-requisite for players in order to even play in the CBA. “Our job is to make sure our athletes are getting better every day they’re in the gym. The most important component of training for us is functional mobility and explosive power,” Tigers Strength & Conditioning Coach, Mirza tells us. “Our job is to make sure our athletes are getting better every day they’re in the gym. The most important component of training for us is functional mobility and explosive power. We want our athletes to be the toughest players on the court all year around.”

When you step foot into this organization there is nothing acceptable other than a championship.Du Feng

“I expect to see better depth and rotation” says Coach Brian on his expectations on the imports and younger players that have been training so hard during the off-season. The Tigers look to turn their defense into offense and not just have a team that starts strong but keeps the momentum into the postseason. “The goal is to play the best basketball, get into the playoffs, and break through to win the championship.”

Du Feng’s hopes and expectations from the team are that they remain healthy, strong, and that the younger guys given the opportunity to perform do not disappoint. “When you step foot into this organization there is nothing acceptable other than a championship. It’s championship or nothing.”

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