Teaching with Tofu – Tips For The Classroom #2

Teaching with Tofu – Tips For The Classroom #2

Often we can learn from trial and error, observing others, or good old fashioned teaching. There’s no right way or wrong way, we all develop our own style to learn, and also to teach. Sharing experiences and ideas can help you become a better person.

For the past year I have been teaching at Oxford Kingdom in Houjie. I hope by sharing my experiences and ideas I can help other teachers working in Dongguan.

Some things are essential when leaving the classroom; feeling not only like you did a good job but that you made a difference is key for me. You have to be a realist and know that best laid plans will come unstuck every now and then. To be prepared is to be ready, and ready for action you must be.

  1. In full focus

Some days are hot, some days are stickier than a bun factory’s spillage of extra-gummy jam. Some days it don’t come easy, some days it doesn’t come at all. Meat Loaf lyrics aside, you need focus. You cannot walk into any class half-heartedly. Finding the on switch is relatively easy. A smile, a blast of some good music, a stroll around the school grounds; anything to clear you mind and feel fresh. In the domain of teaching, insufficient time is afforded to that best buddy of the educator; relaxation. Daydreaming and doodling have been linked with high intelligence levels and creativity. I like to think all my best ideas have stemmed from drawing fictitious maps and brainstorms resembling that of a biro-inscribed cyclone.

  1. Made from concentrate

I hate being ignored. I detest it when I lose one or two students to boredom, tiredness or the pressures of stacked homework that is laid before them. I despise concentration being sapped by distractions. That said, I can understand. Empathy and sympathy are your allies. Your movements and actions will deliver your crowd. Think slapstick or stand-up comedy over standing up straight.

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JR Acton

“Sum yourself up in 100 words or less,” they said. I’ve blown seventeen words on this alone. As a former editor of Aberystwyth Town Football Club’s website and matchday programme, amongst other accredited publications in The Non-League Paper and Cambrian News, I can safely say that I like writing. I love reading and the English language equally which is why I fled Britain for Dongguan to teach English and spend some time trying to thrash out the first novel. Everyone can write but is everyone willing to read our words? Only time will tell. I am fluent in Mancunian and English – and I am learning Mandarin, slowly. Really slowly.

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