Shopper’s Guide to Shoe Market

Shopper’s Guide to Shoe Market

Big Foot Strikes Again

With size 50 foot, finding shoes has never been easy for John Acton. That was until he found the Kangmei Shoe City Mall in Houjie. In the Shopper’s Guide To The Shoe Market, John Acton heads to Kangmei Shoe Market to check out their trainers and boots.

As a kid, too many trips to shoe shops with slip on socks were required. As I grew, I destroyed shoes on an almost intervallic basis. My feet were at war with the ground and the battle ground was the very soles I stood on. Since being old enough to buy a pair of tight fitting leather Reebok Classics I’ve become mature enough to shop for my own footwear. In Houjie, I have uncovered a gold mine.

Within kicking distance of the new and mobile UFO-looking Houjie Wanda Plaza [opposite Mong Kok Shoe City] stands the Kangmei Shoe City mall. Stood central in Houjie’s seemingly endless soul of a Kangmei Shoe City represents your best chance of finding footwear.

The layout of the mall is far from simple, three core floors for pacing around, escalators go up and an offshoot courtyard at the rear allows for strolling. Some coves here, bits over there and scattered stores throughout make for good plodding. Vacant spaces are rare in the hard-wearing passages. The mall isn’t too busy most days, but on a Sunday it can be pretty hectic and arriving after 11am guarantees stores are fully open. I expect many of these stores have online fronts too.

You can find major brands like Colombia (for hiking), Soreal (perfect for mountaineering and bouldering), Caterpillar (steel toe cap work boots), and sports brands like Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Umbro and Under Armour. I know very little about shoes, but in the company of a friend from the industry, they would shop here ahead of famous stores in New York and Rome.

Sizes range from gargantuan (I am a European size 50 and I have purchased over several pairs, and seen larger!) to baby shoes and everything in between. Wide and broad, slim and sleek, shapes of the curved variety and geometrically-impaired can be found throughout the shopping centre.

There are zero drops, ankle straps, high heels, and shoes with a variety of treads whether heavy-duty or of need to toddle. Sandals, crocs and open-tops, get on it. Sneakers, loafers, leisure shoes galore sit amongst highly fashionable aspiring-brand names. If variety is the spice of life, this menagerie is the apex of a footwear Everest. I’ve even had a friend, who designs shoes for a living, point out pairs of bespoke Balmorals and scalloped Spectators.

As with ambling around for brands in most regions of the world, you have to check the authenticity but since most are made regionally and quality shows, there is a high chance of a bargain. And with good haggling a bargain can become a steal. There are few hiked up prices.

If you are not satisfied here for stilettos, saunter around the surrounding Liaoxia village and totter the many alleyways between Kangmei Shoe City and Liaoxia Square or night market. Be on the front foot, shop for shoes in Houjie.

Address: Kangmei Shoes City, Houjie (康美鞋城)
By Bus: Take bus No. L1 from Nancheng Tiyu Lu, 210 from Dongcheng Bus Station, 802 and 834 from Nancheng Bus Station. Depart at the junction of Liaoxia Lu and Guantai Lu (next to the huge Hilton tower, under construction) – just before Wanda Plaza Houjie and two stops after Vanke Life Plaza Houjie (you’ll see a Spar superstore sign).
By Taxi: Ask the taxi driver to take you to the above address.

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JR Acton

“Sum yourself up in 100 words or less,” they said. I’ve blown seventeen words on this alone. As a former editor of Aberystwyth Town Football Club’s website and matchday programme, amongst other accredited publications in The Non-League Paper and Cambrian News, I can safely say that I like writing. I love reading and the English language equally which is why I fled Britain for Dongguan to teach English and spend some time trying to thrash out the first novel. Everyone can write but is everyone willing to read our words? Only time will tell. I am fluent in Mancunian and English – and I am learning Mandarin, slowly. Really slowly.

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