Korean Bodega – A Korean Restaurant in Houjie

Korean Bodega – A Korean Restaurant in Houjie

Writer John Acton has been calling by a hidden Korean restaurant for some time. He finally decided to share this delight with others…


I’m sat listening to BBC Radio 6 Music. Huey Morgan, of Fun Loving Criminals fame, is playing the music in a show titled, “Life’s too short.” Way back in 1999, his band released Korean Bodega, a song featuring Shirley Manson of Garbage fame featured. The Scottish rock Goddess has bright bold hair, much like my first ever dish of Tteok-bokki. They are a kind of stir-fried rice cakes. In amongst the super tasty gochujang sauce, scallions, egg and eomuk (fish cakes) could be found. I first visited this Korean restaurant in Houjie, back in 2015. I have been calling by ever since.

On each visit, a selection of appetiser plates appeared. The mixtures of Napa cabbage, Korean radish, and Kimchi-variants set the course. Excellent Tapas-style entrees set the bar high. On my last visit, tuna soup, complete with tang and pizzazz added oomph to a bowl of boiled rice. An iron pot, the sot, arrived filled to the brim with a flavoursome Dolsotbap. Ched, our HubHao photographer, prepared the Samgyeopsal (pork belly chops) and grilled vegetables. The end results, wrapped in leaves and served with a dipping sauce was glorious on the palate.


The flat stainless-steel Korean chopsticks, are a tad fiddly at first, but coupled alongside a spoon, they became great utensils to select tasty bite after bite. With my sujeo, I devoured deep-fried calamari whilst glancing at an extensive menu featuring many fish, octopus, cuttlefish, and squid as an alternative to the superfluity of beef and pork options. The grilled Atka Mackerel and hairtail are particularly good. Unlike many Korean restaurants that I have tried before, there is a broad range of steamed, boiled, grilled and fried food. It does not revolve around the barbecue options like some mainstream ventures in Dongguan.

Drinks include Yakju (rice-liquor) and Soju (rice-spirit) but I opted for a softer fruity grape-based drink, imported, and deliciously tasty. Dips included fermented (ganjang, gochujang and doenjang) and non-fermented pepper and salt options. With banchan (side dishes), the meals appear quite multifarious and pleasing to the eye. Bibimbap, mixed rice dishes, are recommended. I’m not massively keen on rice. It bores me. That said, at this restaurant they make rice so exciting and my eyes dilate when I see their dishes. Potato pancakes, Kimchi pancakes and spicy fried beef octopus completed a belly-busting deliverance of the exquisite food kind. The squid and pork belly Bulgogi and beef brisket also hit the spot, brimming with essences.


Like Herman’s Hermits, I woke up this morning feeling fine. The food last night really was wonderful. So, good, I told friends and they visited that same night. Their faces came back beaming from a scrumptious banquet-style barbecue.


Address: 康乐南路(康乐东横街) [Kangle East Cross Street (behind Kangle Lu South)]

Telephone: 0769-81269686; 0769-89262692

WeChat: search 13412788199

Payment: Bank card facilities, WeChat pay or ATM locally.


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JR Acton

“Sum yourself up in 100 words or less,” they said. I’ve blown seventeen words on this alone. As a former editor of Aberystwyth Town Football Club’s website and matchday programme, amongst other accredited publications in The Non-League Paper and Cambrian News, I can safely say that I like writing. I love reading and the English language equally which is why I fled Britain for Dongguan to teach English and spend some time trying to thrash out the first novel. Everyone can write but is everyone willing to read our words? Only time will tell. I am fluent in Mancunian and English – and I am learning Mandarin, slowly. Really slowly.

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