Adventures of Gia The Giraffe – Trick Or Treat

Adventures of Gia The Giraffe – Trick Or Treat

Celebrating Halloween in Dongguan

Welcome to the adventures of Gia the Giraffe! This is the part of the magazine that is meant just for you! With Gia the Giraffe as your guide, it’s here you can find out about cool things happening right here in Dongguan! Are you ready for an adventure? Check it out!

It’s Time For Halloween!
Spooky sounds and goblins galore, candy and treats and so much more!! I love this time of year. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and the whole month of October tends to be enjoyable. The weather gets a tiny bit cooler, the jack-o-lanterns are carved, and the preparations for Halloween night are made.

Halloween is a celebration that goes back many, many years. Its roots are traced back to the old Celtic tradition of “Samhain,” pronounced “sah-win”. Almost 2000 years ago, the Celts (people living in medieval Britain and Ireland), celebrated the end of the harvest season with this festival. It marked the end of one season, and the transition into the new. It also was associated with death, and those that had already died.

Although the celebrations are quite different today than they were years ago, we still participate in Halloween activities. Boys and girls of all ages buy or make costumes that they can wear when they go trick-or-treating. My costume this year is a dinosaur! I wonder if anyone will recognize me?

Choosing A Costume
Sometimes people get nervous about what costume they’ll wear, and sometimes, it’s not easy to find one in the right size, especially when you’re living overseas in China. Never fear though, you can easily make costumes out of what you have in your closet. One year, when I was living in Ireland, I dressed up as an American for Halloween! It simply took some red, white, and blue clothes and a little sense of humor. There’s always the trusty wear a white sheet and pretend to be a ghost costume, that never fails. If you want to be a little scary, you can put on lots of white powder and go as a dead football player, cheerleader, or any other athlete. I’ve seen crazy creative costumes too, so don’t just assume you have to buy something. Use your imagination!

Halloween In Dongguan
In Dongguan, there are many activities that celebrate Halloween and give you a chance to wear that awesome costume. A huge trick-or-treating event takes place in New World Garden each year. It’s been going on here in Dongcheng for the past 6 years, but this year will be even better. After the trick-or-treating, everyone will meet at El Caliente for a Haunted House! Spooky! I hope there are no spiders there!

Lots of schools in the area celebrate Halloween too with their own Haunted Houses and costume competitions. Some schools even have pumpkin decorating or carving contests. Although I’ve never seen the big pumpkins like back in the states, I have already seen some of the smaller ones over at the wet market under All Good supermarket. Check it out, and get your carve thing going (with Mom and Dad’s help, of course).

No matter how you celebrate, I hope you have lots of fun. Don’t eat too much candy, and of course, be safe! Happy Halloween!

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