China Manufacturing 2025 Presentation (European Chamber)

China Manufacturing 2025 Presentation (European Chamber)

South China Board Election – China Manufacturing 2025 Presentation – Working Groups and presentations are around the corner…


This year’s Board Election, along with the Working Groups and Fora activity report presentations and the launch of our latest publication “China Manufacturing 2025: Putting Industrial Policy Ahead of Market Forces”  is the chance to contribute to the continuous development of the South China Chapter by attending this event at ISA International School of Guangzhou on 12th April, 2017.


thumb_480_300_CM2025_En_RGB2[2532]Titled China Manufacturing 2025: Putting Industrial Policy Ahead of Market Forces, the report provides a detailed examination of the focus and goals of the initiative for upgrading China’s industrial base and moving to the forefront in ten industries that the Chinese authorities have identified as future drivers of the economy. It also evaluates the initiative’s ramifications for European business, both in China, Europe and third-country markets.


Recommendations for adjusting and responding to the initiative are also provided for the Chinese Government, European Union authorities and Member States’ governments, and European business.

This is a chance, for you as member, to give your voice on the European Chamber in 2017 and 2018. Your vote is important! At the South China Chapter Board Election, the South China Chair of the Board (1), the Vice Chair (2) and the South China Board members (4) will be elected.


Please see below the agenda and the election procedure.


1:00pm-2:00pm:  Registration and networking of members and non-members

2:00pm-2:15pm:   Opening Speech, Joerg Wuttke, European Chamber President and Chamber Overview by Adam Dunnett

2:15pm-2:35pm:   South China Chapter report, by Alberto Vettoretti, Chairman of European Chamber South Chapter

2:35pm-2:45pm:   Election procedural remarks by Adam Dunnett

2:45pm-3:30pm:   Short hustings by candidates (5 minutes per candidate)

3:30pm-3:40pm:   Election by secret ballot

3:40pm-4:20pm:   Presentation of China Manufacturing 2025 by Joerg Wuttke, European Chamber President with Q&A

4:20pm-4:25pm:   Voting results announcement by Adam Dunnett, European Chamber Secretary General

4:25pm-4:30pm:   Concluding remarks by the elected chairman

4:30pm-5:30pm:  Meeting presenting Working Group /Forum activity report by Working Group and Forum Chairs and                            Vice Chairs.


Who can run for elections?

1.       Chair (1 position) – Any representative of a corporate member of the European Chamber

2.       Vice Chair (2 positions) – Any representative of a corporate member of the European Chamber

3.      Board Member (4 positions)  – Any representative of a corporate member of the European Chamber and any individual member[1]


Who can vote?

You can vote at the elections if you:

1.a Are a designated representative (the main contact between the European Chamber and your company), or

1.b Are an individual member and

2. Paid the membership fee for the year 2017 (please make sure that the Chamber has received and confirmed your membership payment by no later than 1st April 2017.


How can I vote?

There are three ways of voting:

1) In person by secret ballot at the elections venue. Please note that even if you have voting rights confirmed by the Secretariat of the Chamber, you must have registered for the Board Elections in order to exercise this vote by 11th April 2017 noon.

2) Assign a proxy to vote on your behalf by 11th April 2017 noon. Please fill in the proxy Form and send a scanned copy to Francine Hadjisotiriou at, by fax to +86 (755) 8632 9785 or in person at the Chamber office in South China (Room 308, 3/F, Chinese Overseas Scholars Venture Building, South District, Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industry Park, Shenzhen).

The proxy must be a colleague from your own legal entity and must be present to vote. This requirement has only one exception for the Individual member, who may give his/her proxy to another individual member/corporate member in South China. Proxies received after the deadline and in a format different from those listed above will not be accepted.

3) and vote online by logging in the e-voting system during the period from 27th March 9am to 11th April 9am. A separate email will be sent if you are eligible to vote by e-voting to give you access to the e-voting system.

Please click here to download the Election Notice from the Secretary General Adam Dunnett, which officially opens the election period.


How can I run for elections?

The nomination period was open until 23rd March, COB
If you would like to run for South China Chapter Board Chair, Vice Chair or Board member, you need to:

1) Be nominated by two designated representatives of other members eligible to vote (please refer to the above section “who can vote and run for elections?”)

2) Fill in and sign the Nomination Form. The nomination form must also be signed by both the proposer and the seconder, who must be members of the sectoral working groups in good standing (with paid dues)

3) Send the nomination form scanned by e-mail to Francine Hadjisotiriou at, or in person at the Chamber office in Shenzhen by 23rd March, COB.

4) Provide a short bio and motivation letter scanned by e-mail to Francine Hadjisotiriou at, or in person at the Chamber office in Shenzhen by 23rd March, COB.

For your reference, please also download the Election Notice from Adam Dunnett, Secretary General, which officially opens the election period.

For more information, please refer to the European Chamber Articles of Association and By-Laws.

Contact Olga Ivashchenko for membership-related queries and queries about your eligibility to vote/run at

If you are interested in attending the South China Board election and listening to Joerg Wuttke’s presentation on China Manufacturing 2025, please feel free to contact Ping Rui Zhao or 0755-86350920.

All the relevant documents, include proxy form, nomination form, motivation letter template, Election Notice, Articles of Association and By-Laws are available to download from the page below

Previously… [Published: March 2017]

Roaring 1920s, romantic 1930s, wartime 1940s, housewife look in 50s, miniskirts in 1960s, loose sleeves and flared pants in 1970s, bold colours in 1980s, supermodel obsessed 1990s…..What does Fashion mean to you?

Fashion not only represents a time, it is a community as well as a culture. It expresses people’s mood, tells life and conveys spirit.

The European Chamber cordially invites you to the ‘Fashion Through Time’ Gala Dinner on Saturday, April 8th, 2017 to listen to the roaring of fashion over the decades. Let’s feel the passion of life through fashion symbol and review the evolution of social history together.

We will have nice cocktail, a stunning performance, great music, interactive games, and an exciting after party, specially designed for you. And don’t forget the great prizes! Get your dress ready and quickly book a table! Limited seats available!





gala 2017 flyer final




6:30 – 7:30

Registration, Cocktail Reception, Red Carpet, Signature Board

7:30 – 8:00

Opening Ceremony and Lucky Draw

8:00 – 10:00

Dinner, Entertainment Show and Interactive Games

10:00 – Midnight

  After Party

The Gala Dinner is one of the most important corporate events in town which gathers more than 300 participants from foreign and Chinese business communities. It is a great opportunity to network with top level managers, VIP corporate clients and local political figures in a stylish and chic environment. This year has been the sixth year for South China Chapter to hold such grand event.


 Ticket Prices:  Early Bird Before March 8th:
  Individual Tickets:  Members 640 RMB; Non-members 960 RMB
 Table Booking:  Members 6,400 RMB; Non-members 9,600 RMB
 Individual Tickets:   Members 800 RMB; Non-members 1,200 RMB (After March 8th:)
 Table Booking:  Members 8,000 RMB; Non-members 12,000 RMB (After March 8th:)
For more information, please contact Ms. Pingrui Zhao   赵平瑞 or see the below:

Marketing & Office Manager | European Union Chamber of Commerce in China

Rm 308, 3/F Chinese Overseas Scholars Venture Bld, South District, Shenzhen Hi-tech Industry Park,518000


T: +86 (0755) 8635 0920|  F +86 (0755) 8632 9785| 15817480512

website | newsletter | join membership | upcoming events

Wechat ID: europeanchamber

Past events review:

 May 2016- Gala of Thrones- Four Season Guangzhou (Theme: Game of Thrones)

 April 2015 – Carnival Gala Dinner- Sofitel Guangzhou (Theme: Venetian Carnival)

 March 2014 – On the European Chamber’s Secret Service – W Hotel Guangzhou (Theme: 007 James Bond)

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