A Sweet Success


A three-day exhibition took place over the weekend of June 23rd at Dynacity Shopping Centre uniting 29 dessert and coffee vendors from all over Dongguan, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, to provide locals and expats with a taste of the treats that are on offer so close to home.

Cakes, macaroons, bread, coffee – you mention it, the dessert carnival had it. Sweets and savouries filled the dedicated space to attract the eyes of onlookers and tantalise the taste buds of those who couldn’t resist delving into the delights on show.

Walking into Dynacity Shopping Centre on day two of three, there was an atmospheric buzz about the place – people were smiling, laughing, walking with various pastries and snacks and taking snapshots with friends. The entire three-day event proved to be successful, with thousands of people showing to greet their favourite sweet stalls and introduce themselves to novel ones. Watch this space for a return of the dessert carnival!




[Photographs by Ched Lee/HubHao – 摄影:HubHao/ Ched Lee.]

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