High Street Spotlight – Decoration Street

High Street Spotlight – Decoration Street

Get in the festive spirit on Decoration Street

Whether it’s Christmas or Halloween, expats are always looking to bring a bit of home to their apartments during the holidays. The Decoration Street in Guangcheng transforms at different times of year to provide you with all the decorations you need. Echo Zhang investigates.

With the arrival of the last month of the year, a festive feel seems fill the air. Christmas trees are seen in shopping centers, decorations are hung up on the walls in restaurants and shops, carols can be heard in supermarkets and jingle bells is in everyone’s ear. Some of you might be planning going back to your home countries; some might be busy with present hunting, and some might be thinking about how to give your home a nice Christmas décor like I am. While a lot of people would suggest Taobao for Christmas decoration shopping, I myself find it lacks the fun of exploring. Rumors have it that there’s a magical shop in Guancheng that transforms its look whenever a festival comes and where all kinds of festive decorations can be found.

On a sunny afternoon in early December, I ventured to this magical shop. After passing a few flower shops on a quiet street, two shops, not just one, filled with Christmas decorations caught my eye. The front of the shops are painted red and those yellow characters say ‘Ming Mei Zi’(名美子), Delicacy, a lovely name. Separated by a small alley, the two shops actually belong to the same owner. Outside one shop stand Christmas trees of different sizes and the other a happy looking Father Christmas and handsome snowman greet you.

Christmas decorations and ornaments are placed on the walls, on the ceilings, in the corners, in the boxes on the floor. You will find you have stepped into a Christmas maze, surrounded by ornaments like snowflakes, snowmen, angles, bells, fairy lights, reindeer, banners, garlands and clothing and accessories like Christmas costumes and hats. You name it. Every item has got a price tag on it. All is of a decent price and don’t be shy to ask for a little discount if you’re making a big purchase.

The staff is very friendly and willing to help you find what you’re looking for. My colleague got a various ornaments, intending to DIY a Christmas garland while I picked some fairy lights for a friend. A Chinese woman was already carrying a full shopping basket a few minutes after she got in the shop whilst a few foreign customers were exploring at a much more relaxing pace, enjoying the festive spirit that fills this magical shop.

As I was exploring the shop, I thought of the adventurous story about a lovely meerkat looking for ornaments to decorate her Christmas tree. If I could recommend this place to her, it might save her some trouble in searching.

Address: No.41, Xingxian Street, Dongmen Road, Guancheng.
Taxi directions: 管城区东门路兴贤街41号名美子(花城广场家乐福旁)
How to get there: Ask the taxi driver to take you to the only Carrefour in Huacheng Square in Guancheng and you will see Mingmeizi next to Carrefour, on the right.
Tel: 2261 0399

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