High Street Spotlight – Bester Farms

High Street Spotlight – Bester Farms

Quality imported meat and seafood

Paul Lee was just about to give up on his search for quality meat and seafood in Dongguan. That was until he heard about Bester Farms. He took a trip down to the import shop near Dynacity to see if it could match the meat he knew from back home in Australia.

Import Meat
I remember my first few months living in Dongguan to be a bit tough trying to find places to buy groceries and meat. I’m sure I’m not the only one to have returned from a wet market empty handed after seeing beef, pork, and poultry displayed on a slab with only a spinning fan with dangling streamers to deter flies.

That was until I heard about a shop called Bester Farms, which would put my mind at ease and give me a longing for home. Only a short distance away from Dynatown, Bester Farms opened on the 14th of November last year and I was eager to see what produce they sold.

We were greeted by Bill Chan, the owner, a local from Houjie who invited us into his shop with a smile. From the outside the size of the shop was deceptive. It housed over thirty-five chest freezers and a handful of racks at the back. Bill encouraged us to have a look around, whilst answering any questions we had.

As we walked the aisles I saw imported pork from America, beef from Australia, lamb from New Zealand, and seafood from Canada. Rump, sirloin, rack, chuck, rib fillet; you name the cut and Bester Farms most likely has it. “We stock just over 200 items in this store alone,” Bill said with pride. “The wholesale part of the business and main cold room warehousing is in Guangzhou and holds over 300 different products. Our store is more of a retail front.”

Opening a chest freezer to inspect what it held, I pulled out a frozen piece of Australian rump. “You can choose grain fed or grass fed beef,” Mr Chan informed us. “Grain fed meat tends to be a bit fatter with some marbling while grass fed is more lean.” I was surprised with the knowledge Bill had as he educated me more on what I held and was chuffed that I now have a place where I can buy some Aussie steak to put on the barbie.

“Here we have a special area, the temperature of this freezer is at 0 degrees and we store mussels from New Zealand. They are still alive and fresh. We also store Australian Black Angus beef in this freezer because freezing this meat ruins the flavor and texture.” As we finished our tour I find myself eyeing off a piece of Australian wagyu beef with a score of M9; a very high quality cut of meat that will grace my skillet pan one day.

We’ve done market research in Dongguan. We’re not only servicing the expats in the area but also the Chinese

Educating The Customer
We made our way to the second floor to an open kitchen area. A few choice cuts were being prepared for us while we continued chatting away with Bill. “I’ve never worked in food or hospitality before. I’m more of a foodie that doesn’t cook much, I’d rather eat while catching up with friends and family at gatherings,” Bill exclaimed. With the in depth conversation so far I could definitely tell Bill knew his stuff. “We’ve done market research in Dongguan. We’re not only servicing the expats in the area but also the Chinese. They have travelled abroad and when they arrive back at home they are looking for the quality of food they have tasted on their travels.”

Lost in our conversation about how Bill and Bester Farms began, chef Hao dished up our first dish. Pork chops imported from the USA, flavored only by a light honey marinade. “Eat before it goes cold, we can continue chatting after,” Bill urged us to start eating.

The quality of the pork was amazing. The pork was tender and moist and the little charred fat at the edge of the chop was enjoyable. It was not like the fatty gristle that you cut away and leave on your plate.

Singing praises about chef Hao and his cooking abilities, Bill drops a small secret. “The chef hasn’t been through culinary school. Chef Hao has a knack at preparing, cooking and presenting what we stock in Bester Farms.” When asked what he has planned for the second floor of the shop he says, “We’re not a restaurant. At the moment we invite families and friends for a workshop on how to prepare and cook certain protein. Meat is easy to cook but also easy to ruin. People need to be educated on how to prepare, cook and present.”

Another dish was laid out before us, a nice piece of Australian rump. I was eager to dig into this one and was not let down at all. The taste brought me back home to the familiar taste of Aussie beef. Once again it was well cooked and rested, pink in the middle and not bloody. “We don’t over season or mask the flavor of the beef with any sauce. Original flavors are what we are trying to portray.”

Dish after dish rolled was rolled out; New Zealand lamb cutlets, Alaskan deep sea cod, spare ribs and wagyu beef. “With a large client base already formed due to wholesale in Guangzhou we want to provide Dongguan with high quality produce. I know there are shops around that import meat but I believe our quality and selection can’t be beaten and all our products are certified.”

With a full stomach and a place where I definitely will return to buy some meat or seafood, we thanked Bill for his time and hospitality. Bester Farms has definitely raised the bar for me in terms of where to buy imported food. The range is extensive, prices are reasonable, and the quality is top notch, so have a wander down to Bester Farms.

Address: No.111, Chao Yang Yuan, Dong Sheng Road, Dongcheng(东城区东升路朝阳苑111号沛德福)
Directions: From McDonalds at Dynacity Mall, cross the main road. Walk along the road, away from Dynacity, and across a small side road. After a few minutes you will see the shop front of Bester Farms.
Tel: 076922762668

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