After work, walking on a bustling street in XiPing, I was attracted by a name of a coffee shop in the corner –” Pointy Nose”. It is a cute name written on a light yellow sign. It caught my eye immediately after seeing so many ordinary coffee shops. I decided to go in and have a try.

A wide variety of coffee beans and coffee mugs drew my attention as soon as I walked in the shop. There is a big shelf with all kinds of coffee beans in glass jars. And all the coffee beans are named after its origins, such as “Indonesia Wahana”, “Yunnan, Yunshan”, “Colombia huila”, etc. You can look into the unique shape and colour of each kind, and even open the jars to smell it. Next to every jar, you can read the demonstration card of every bean which describes its place of origin, smell, roast level and drying process mode. I felt like I am visiting a coffee museum.

Angel, the shopkeeper from Taiwan told me, that’s why she named the coffee shop ” Pointy Nose” that we should open up our noses to feel the unique charm of each coffee bean. Her idea is to bring us a new way of enjoying coffee by tasting the original flavor from the beans. This new fashion of coffee has been popular in Taiwan for a long time, so she thinks it’s the time to spread it to mainland China.

Angel is very confident with the beans in her shop because every single kind of bean was fresh and carefully chosen by her and her husband from the place it grows. They even built a storehouse in Yunnan, as well as, a factory to roast them. Now you might have the same question as me, how do they know what roast level is the best for each bean? She explained to me that the home-roasted bean has been tested again and again. When they work in the factory, they always need to drink and taste a lot to make sure it reaches the best roast level.

This special coffee shop serves the customer a brand new coffee experience. I didn’t find the familiar names like “Latte”, “Cappuccino” or “Expresso” on the menu, but it offered me a chance to actually try and know the coffee by its origins after feeling all those kinds of beans on the shelf. I would say, it’s a very interesting experience of choosing a drink.

Your chosen coffee is served in a big wood plate with 200ml glass coffee pot, one empty mug, a glass with Whisky ice ball and two pieces of home-baked biscuit. Don’t expect any milk and sugar to add in your drink. However, you can see the clear colour of the coffee, taste its original flavor in both hot and cold. It brings me an extraordinary drinking experience of coffee. Without the cooperation of milk and sugar which I used to like, I found that actually the real smell of cream, red wine, chocolate or fruit comes out from different coffee beans. What’s more wonderful, when you are drinking in this coffee shop, Angel will teach you a simple way of how to make the coffee to wake up the best flavor. So you can just take your favourite coffee home and make it your own.

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