Making A Home – 3D Recycled Art 3D Recycled Art

Making A Home – 3D Recycled Art 3D Recycled Art

In the latest Making A Home, the queens of interior design at 25 Degrees talk us through ideas for 3D Recycled Art.

With a unique perspective and a keen sense of style, Camille Da Costa and Iris Zhan from 25 Degrees rejuvenate your space. Every month, the designing duo will share their creative ideas and tips to give your space a refreshed look. In the latest edition of Making A Home, we look at some ideas for 3D recycling art.


It’s another month and that means another project for you guys to try out. We’ve got fun recycling little project to share with you this issue. We hope you enjoy making it as much as we did!


What You Need

1 piece of wooden board or canvas (any size you wish)

1 tube of white silicone glue

3 white spray cans

1 mask

Variety of recycling dry stuffs



Step 1

To start this project, the best is to find an outdoor flat area because the silicone glue and the color spray leave a pretty strong smell while drying it.


Step 2

Sit the wooden board/ canvas in a flat surface then distribute all the recycling products that you selected around it. Use your creativity to place them in a fun and armorial way. Let your imagination flow, the possibilities are endless…


Step 3

Slowly lift each product and glue it to the board. You will need to wait at least 40 minutes for dry time.


Step 4

Next step is to apply the white spray evenly and around all the 3D Art. Remember to spray each side of the products. Wait around 10 minutes and finally apply the second white spray coat.

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