In Restarurant Review – Alan’s World, Edward O’Neill brought his mum along to try their English Breakfast, Afternoon Tea and Cider.


Recently, I had my Mum come from the UK to visit me in China for the first time. I had waited six years for her to make the trip but my initial excitement quickly gave way to worry. She was coming for seven weeks. There was plenty for me to show her but I worried she would get homesick. It’s a dilemma that many expats have had to deal with at some point. I needn’t have worried in the end. Lucky for me, I had Alan’s World.


After visiting landmarks like Keyuan Garden and trying local delicacies such as yum cha, my mum was ready for some home comforts. I had told her that she would like Alan’s World, but I suspected she was skeptical. When she saw the staff come out with the afternoon tea on the immaculate tray with all the proper servings presented in the correct manner, however, she couldn’t help but be impressed. There were sandwiches, biscuits and desserts, but it was the scones that were her favorite. I, however, had grander designs. I had come for the breakfast.


You can’t beat a proper English breakfast. Homemade sausages, crispy bacon, scrambled egg, grilled tomato, the list goes on. I feel sorry for the French with their croissants and the Americans with their pale imitation. I’ll give it to the Chinese that their dim sum isn’t half bad, but I’ll take a Full English hands down every time.


After finishing, I made the mistake of saying that the full English made me wish I ate breakfast more often. My mum lectured me on the importance of starting the day with a proper meal. My only defense was if I could wake up at home to this plate every morning then I definitely would.


Alan’s World also imports its own beer and cider. For those unfamiliar, cider is very much a summer drink back in the UK. While sunny days in Britain aren’t quite as mythical as some would have you believe, it’s no comparison to the sun we enjoy here in Dongguan. So it would have been rude not to enjoy a bottle or two while I was there. There are is a wide selection of flavors to choose from the award winning Sandford Orchards and there is beer from Dartmoor Brewery for those who don’t fancy a cider. I, however, always opt for a reliable Shaky Bridge.


Alan’s World also makes their own pies, pasties and quiches, which are available to eat in or take away. I had already eaten more than my fair share, but there’s always room for some quiche. My mum joked that my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I wouldn’t be able to finish. We ordered to take away and I was happy to prove my mum wrong later at home.


Up until that point, my mum was understandably wary of going out by herself. After a few visits to Alan’s World, however, she started heading down there during the day all on her own. There she chatted with locals, made new friends, and at one point even tried to bake some scones. A less understanding son might have gotten jealous of the staff with all the time their mum was spending there!


It’s funny how a visitor can give you a fresh perspective on something familiar. I hadn’t realized it until my mum came to visit, but I had started to take Alan’s World for granted. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake I did.

Address: No.26,Qifeng view, Dynatown, Dongcheng East Rd [东城区东城东路星河传说旗峰天下商铺26号]

Tel: 22330440

Opening Hours: 07:30-21:00

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Edward O'Neill

Born to Irish parents in London and raised in Middlesbrough. As a child I reached the European championships of Lego before I threw a tantrum and broke the pirate ship I was building. Now as Content Manager for HubHao I feel like I have finally reached a similar high and this time I am determined there will be no tantrums. I have been living in Dongguan for the past four years but this city still has lots of surprises to be had and secrets to be found. I’m looking forward to writing for our readers and to working alongside the talented writers.

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